Officers and visitors review

Swami Jnanamayanandaji Ramakrishnan Math Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

Dear Brothers and sister, My greetings to all of you in good health and devotion to God. In Nilgiris Rajeswari Devadass Welfare Foundation has served in the district for more than 3 years. If you willing help they will do the needy poor people service.

Case study on Bearhatty Panchayat

Documented by Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Ministry of Panchayat Raj, Government of India, New Delhi.

Personal Attributes of the President

The interaction with the president and others helped us filter the following three dimensions as the most important factors in making her a good leader:


The President is highly educated and well-exposed. She has a Masters in Science (M.Sc.) in Child Development and Family Relationships. She was also conferred with an honorary doctorate by the International Tamil University, Maryland, USA in 2011. She was previously employed as a teacher in St.Hildas School in Ooty. She has also worked with differently-abled children. These experiences, according to her, gave her an opportunity to interact with the most marginalized and developed a sense of social responsibility. Being educated, she is highly confident and articulate, which helps her in the meetings with others, especially the District Collector or Army officers or the business community located in the Panchayat. She is able to articulate and argue and therefore commands a lot of respect among officials. Being highly educated gives her an edge over many others who are not as educated.

Socially / politically networked

The president comes from an affluent family with a history of engagement in social and community activities. Her family’s network facilitates her social enterprising skills in tapping new sources of donations and contributions. Most of the donors who have come forward are people who are known to her through her family, thereby making them more approachable and responsive to her requests. This has enhanced her performance as the President of the GP. She is a widow in her late 50s. She drives strong support and encouragement from her son who encouraged her to contest the election for the first term. Her son is a young business man and the president of a Tamil film actor fan club. This allows him access to Youth Clubs and other similar organisations that have helped the president in the campaigns as well as in later functioning. However, he does not partake in the daily running of the Panchayat.

Highly motivated and ambitious

Mrs Devadass is a highly motivated, social-work oriented and caring person. She appeared to have a genuine interest in the welfare of the community, which she channelizes through her role as the President of the Gram Panchayat. She is also politically ambitious though does not have definite plans. She is aware of the fact that the Badaga community, to which she belongs, is under represented in the State Assembly and the Council of Ministers and therefore there is space for people with leadership qualities and proven track record.

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Commandant visit

Independence Day Eve 2015

Brilliant talk by the SK Gadeock, AVSM Commandant of Defence Service Staff College, Wellington (Nilgris) about the beautiful location of Bearhatty village headed by the sober Lady President Dr. Rajeswari Devadass who possess enormous awards/reward for Noble services particularly appreciating RASHTRIYA GAURAV GRAM SABHA PURASKAR.

Lt. Gen SK Gadeock, AVSM Commandant of Defence Service Staff College, Wellington (Nilgiris) presenting The Army Symbol to Dr. Rajeswari Devadass, M.Sc., B.Ed. The president of Bearhatty Panchayat on appreciating her sincere services to the society.

Heat discussion on environmental cleanliness by Lt. Gen SK Gadeock, AVSM Commandant of Defence Service Staff College, Wellington (Nilgiris) with the president of Bearhatty Panchayat Dr. Rajeswari Devadass, M.Sc., B.Ed. and her team of Board Members.

Lt. Gen. SK Gadeock, AVSM Commandant of Defence Service Staff College, Wellington (Nilgiris) planting PODOCARPUS saple in the school play ground, promoting the green revolution in India.