Disaster Management

Disaster management focus on rebuilt of houses, helping the people after a sudden disaster like floods, landslides etc. We service them by providing the clothes, food and houses. Temporary camps will be provided to safeguard the people. Government provide funds to help the needy and also funds are collected from different sources. The funds are properly managed and used.

Distribution of Flood Relief Material

The floods triggered by incessant rainfall took the lives of people in Bearhatty village while displaced thousands of people and many more are left stranded as a result of caved-in roads and major transportation closures. Rajeswari Devadass distributes the food and other relief materials to the affected people.

Housing & Rehabilitation for flood victims

Many people are displaced from their homes, caused by one of the worst floods ever been seen in over the years. The Torrential rains causing floods and landslides have affected the lives of more than 400 people. Rajeswari Devadas provides rehabilitation and housing to the flood affected victims in Bearhatty including special attention towards children from orphanages and destitute homes by giving them shelter, food and basic healthcare.