Children welfare

The child welfare system is a group of public and private services that are focused on ensuring that all children live in safe, permanent and stable environments that support their well-being. Child welfare services may interact with entire families, or they may be focused on direct intervention with children. Child welfare typically includes:

  • Support or coordinate services to prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Provide services to families that need help protecting and caring for their children
  • Arrange for children to live with kin (i.e., relatives) or with foster families when safety cannot be ensured at home
  • Support the well-being of children living with relatives or foster families, including ensuring that their educational needs are addressed
  • Work with the children, to provide eductaional related help and so on


Annual day celebrations

‘Children need nutritious food for physical health and affection for mental health’. The seed for establishing a forum to foster proper physical and psychological development of children has been sown by Rajeswari Devadass, an expert in “child development and family relationship science”.

GO GREEN (Tree Plantation)

Planting and establishing trees is all about managing air and moisture in the soil. Keeping the spirit of Vanmahotsav alive with the ongoing tree plantation drive all across the country, a tree plantation programme was held in Bearhatty Panchayat. Along with a team of school students planted trees in and surrounding areas of village.

Activity based learning

Children are the makers of Tomorrow Education of any kind given to them will influence the ways of their lives. Rajeswari Devadass provides the panchayat school with tables and chairs, basic amenities, in addition to sports materials that are regarded as absolutely necessary for the children to be fit and healthy.

Parents teacher celebration

It is said "As children go, so goes the nation". Rajeswari Devadass giving away uniforms to the children of all the three primary panchayat schools for a considerably long period of 10 years.