• Create, establish and maintain a cadre of selfless and devoted workers
  • Work for health awareness, environmental awareness and population control
  • Eradicate social evils, illiteracy and poverty through education
  • Work for National integration and economic upliftment of the Nation
  • Work for the empowerment and upliftment of rural women, especially the destitute, differently abled and children
  • Work for the upliftment of the farming community
  • Organize mind and body through wellness programs like meditation and yoga
  • Improve sanitation standards by conducting general awareness programmes, implementing solid waste management projects, constructing toilets, etc
  • Work for the eradication of the practice of child labour through awareness programme
  • Provide medical services to the needy through conventional and other treatments methods like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani, Sidda and Homeopathy
  • Extend help to malnourished, under nourished children, underprivileged, pregnant and lactating women
  • Establish, run and maintain counseling centers for the benefit of the public

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